Like you, I enjoy reading recipe blogs. I started HOW TO DO FOOD as a way to keep track of the recipes that caught my eye and to incorporate the changes I made when I cooked them. Since I left it public, several of you have liked or commented on my posts, which is great and makes me want to continue posting.

No Frills – Just Food
I want this to be simple. Some blogs go on and on about why this recipe was perfect for the third Tuesday in August and some flood you with pictures from start to finish. Those are great too and sometimes we need that. With HOW TO DO FOOD, I just want to give you the bottom line, so each recipe I post will just have these basics:

  • One line description: quick way to tell you what caught my eye or why I enjoyed the recipe
  • Photo: sometimes its good to see what the end result is. Since people love to Instagram their food, I’ve gone ahead and given you a sample of that using the camera on my mobile (also because I haven’t gotten that SLR quite yet)
  • Prep to plate time: because we all run on a schedule and people need to know when they can cook tasty food
  • Servings: to know how many friends you can eat with or lunches you can make for the week
  • Materials: what you’re looking for at the store
  • Protocol: the step-by-step of what you’re going to do with those ingredients, broken down to be as efficient as possible
  • Inspiration: the majority of these recipes are not original, but my interpretation of others’. I’ve linked to their site for the original recipe (and better pictures)

Hope you enjoy!



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